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New and Free!!!
Enjoy our online website where you can brush up your Thai listening skills by hearing stories
from your friends here at the school.
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Auntie Dah's test site


“Teacher Nim Janluan positively hurls herself  into getting my pronunciation sorted out…”

                            - Gareth Powell Bangkok Post, August 21, 2002. See this article for an excellent overview of the technique of learning Thai vocabulary 

Have you ever thought what a difference speaking Thai  could make to your stay in Thailand?
We are a Language School specializing in offering Thai Language Courses to visitors and expats. Whether you are a  beginner or just wish to improve your existing Thai we can offer you a language course designed to cater to your specific needs and taught by our highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Premium and Business Class instruction for English Speakers
No one in Bangkok has more teaching experience than our founder Nim Janluan, and many of our clients want to learn Thai quickly and efficiently from her, at flexible times and locations of their choosing.  Individual personal lessons meetthe needs of those who want this first class service -- at hourly rates of about $15 per hour --about 30 percent of what they would pay for back home! Richard is smiling because for the first time he just read a whole story, in Thai, by himself.

Nim speaks Japanese as well as English and has worked with many businessmen and their families in Bangkok's Japanese community. Wives and children here on long term assignment enjoy Bangkok when they can confidently travel and shop using Thai language.

Starving student? Try our extreme economy instruction
Many young Thai teachers come to us for training and internships. If you would like to help them and help yourself to learn Thai at absolute bargain rates check out our special program for teacher training. Naang, pictured here, is from Northeast Thailand. She is working with Roger, who is a frequent visitor from Hong Kong.

Use the "best Thai teaching CD available"
Our students hone their listening and reading skills and keep their skill level up when abroad using our Thailish school multimedia materials available on line anywhere in the world for free. Featuring real stories and conversation about the friends you develop at our school, along with insights and survival skills for frequent visitors and expats, travel tips, and even cooking lessons. All in Thai with multilevel translation and hundreds of interactive sound files. See our site by clicking here!

Our convenient location and unique facility
Located in the heart of Sukhumvit steps from the Asoke skytrain station, our building features a collection of Thai antiques and regional crafts that reflects our interest in sharing our love of Thai culture and traditions. For more views of our school and our crafts click here!. Nim takes many of her students on excursions to  Bangkok's famous Jatujak Market to seek out the genuine old Thai crafts that fill the school.

Thailish Language School 

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